Meetup 2019-04-25

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Skateboards and barcodes and CNC:

That was a nice meetup! We had lots of people doing interesting stuff and sharing knowledge.

Standing around

Lowku and Chris worked further on their barcode recognition setup. Getting the Python dependencies and cv2 installed took a while, after which they started detecting barcodes of everything in the garage to test different materials and lighting conditions.

Homebuilt CNC machine

Donnie brought his homemade CNC machine and we looked it over, including his plans for the next, larger version. He used offcuts of aluminium extrusion to build a frame that’s nice and rigid.

Skateboard hacking

Cassidy and Pine were working on their electric skateboards. They want to replace the stock remote with one that has more control and better acceleration curves, using Arduinos and radio modules. Cassidy managed to control his from his laptop, so it looks like they are well on their way to getting a working setup.

I did print a battery holder, but the printer left a few walls in the print, probably because of oozing while traversing. I might need to change some settings for that.

All in all, a really nice evening.