Meetup 2018-04-19

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Another successful maker evening! I was so busy that I forgot to take any photos, and I did not make a timelapse, so just a text report this week.

Tom brought his little walking robot, an updated version of Bob The Biped . Very nice little robot.

Stèph brought his Alphabot 2 robot, which he’s busy getting up and running. With some help from Tom, he managed to get it programmed, but there’s still some issues with the display etc, and he needs the correct batteries to get it to run.

Henré brought 2 projects: He has a nice electric guitar that needs some modifications, and he opened up his custom open source keyboard to see if there are any open pins on the controller that could be repurposed. Looks like there are 2 open digital pins, but not the hoped-for analogs. The guitar needs some routing to get the new parts in…

Li brought an old, rusted hand plane (Stanley 4, I think) and set about cleaning and restoring it. Some of the parts cleaned up nicely, but she still had a lot of work to do on the main body.

I got set up with the 3D printer, and made a print or 2. I had some trouble getting the prints to stick, as the bed height was not set up super-accurately. I tried some glue stick, and wow, that works. Had trouble getting the parts off the bed, even after it cooled down.

Reminders for next time: Take some photos!

Since next week Thursday is the last workday of the week, the next meetup will be in 2 weeks time.